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WordPress-Theme „Neni“

neni is a clean and minimal two-column blog theme by pixxels.at. A responsive layout optimizes the theme for mobile devices. To customize the theme you can choose your own color and background.


  • responsive design (HTML5&CSS3)
  • custom-colors&custom-background
  • two-colums & full-width-template
  • archive template
  • right-sidebar
  • threaded-comments
  • custom-menu (3 levels)
  • browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 8 & 9
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47 Kommentare

  1. Tunji sagt

    I’m having a problem witht the theme, category pages only shoiw the last post, 1 single post… thanks for ur support

    • Marion sagt

      Sorry, I’ve had a car accident and have to rest for a while. I’ll have a look at this when I am healthy again!

    • Marion sagt

      Hi Tunji,
      do you still have a problem with that? I’ve just checked my theme but I couldn’t find a mistake, all posts are shown on the category pages. Can you send me an url, etc?

  2. Hi Marion , hope you getting better….it would be nice if you can help me in 2 things on neni: 1 why cant use bold and 2:change the background color of the menu items…Thanks

    • Marion sagt

      καλημέρα! I still need more rest but it’s getting better each day, thank you. To change the background color you have to look at the functions.php. I will give you detailled information within next week. And I’ll have a look at the problem with bold too. Marion

        • Marion sagt

          Hi Terry,

          1. to change the background color of the menu items, you have to:

          a) functions.php
          remove lines 125, 126, 132 (#branding #main-menu....)

          b) style.css
          change the hex-code in the following lines:
          246 and 708 (#branding #main-menu ul li a -> background-color),
          290 (#branding #main-menu ul ul a:hover, #branding #main-menu ul ul ul a:hover -> color)
          and 713 (#branding #main-menu ul ul li a:hover, #branding #main-menu ul ul ul li a:hover -> color)

          2. for bold you have to add

          strong {

          to your style.css. I will add this to the next version of neni.

  3. Hi – Marion …

    Enjoying the clean look of your Neni theme … may work well on my site.

    I was wondering how easy it would be to eliminate the byline along with the date, on post? Would that be easy to do?

    If I decide to allow comments, I assume it would not effect the name of the person leaving a comment.

    Anyway – nice clean design. Any advice appreciated …


    • Marion sagt

      Hi Moz,
      sorry for the late reply – I have been on holiday the past 2 weeks. It is not difficult to eliminate the byline on posts. Give me 2-3 days because I have just came back home and I’ll show you how to change this.

  4. Hi Marion,

    I’m using Neni on the above referenced site. Like the previous commenter, I’m also interested in eliminating the byline on posts. Can you please tell me how?


    • Marion sagt

      Hi Toni,

      thanks for using Neni. :)
      Take a look at the end of „content.php“. Here you can delete the lines you don’t need. For example to delete the Social Sharing Links you have to remove lines 39-44, to delete also the Permalink etc. remove lines 39-48. It’s important that you don’t delete the last 3 lines ( ).


  5. Rick Cosmos sagt

    I’ve been working with your template and I’m trying to make a child theme out of it. I’ve got a few questions:

    1. I can make a child theme from it can’t I?

    2. When I follow the recommended procedure to make a child theme I never lose the formatting (i.e. before I add the @import url(„../neni/style.css“) any reason that’s occurring?

    3. My new style.css never seems to override the old style.css any idea why?

    4. What’s the best way to remove the site title area? If I leave the area blank it leaves a large empty space.

    Thanks for your time.
    First off, is there any reason I can’t make a child theme out of it?

    • Marion sagt

      Hi Rick,

      thanks for using Neni. :)

      1.-3. it should be possible to create a child time. If you can’t overwrite all the styles you need, take a deeper look at the folder „/includes“, especially the end of „theme-options.php“. Perhaps you have to add some of these styles to your new css-File and I think you have to overwrite the „neni_insert_custom_color()“ too.
      4. To remove the large empty space take a look at the styles for #blog-title and #site-title. I think this will help you.


  6. Andrew sagt

    Hi Marion,

    I hope you are fully recovered from the car crash now.

    I’ve started using the Neni theme, and love it. Thank you for creating the theme.

    I’ve currently got my latest blog posts displayed on my ‚front / home‘ page. The home page lists my latest four blog posts. Is it possible to edit the theme, to only show the excerpt of my latest blog posts, rather than the whole blog post on the front /home page?

    Best Regards


  7. Andrew sagt

    Hi Marion,

    It’s okay, I’ve worked out how to modify the theme. Thank you again for a wonderful theme.

    Best Regards


    • Marion sagt

      Hi Andrew,

      thanks for using neni. :)
      Thank you, I’m fine again. Great that you’ve found what you were looking for.


  8. Hi Marion,

    I really love your theme but I’m using my blog to host a podcast and it looks like the theme is changing the title of my RSS feed. Is this anything you would be able to help with? Instead of the feed title being the same as the title of my blog, it is changing it to simply read „Feed: “ Any help would be great but I understand if you’re not an RSS feed expert cause I’m definitely not!

    • Marion sagt

      Hi Danny,

      sorry for the late answer. I’ve had a lot of work and I’ve overlooked your post. Do you still need some help?


  9. I love Neni!

    There are just a couple tweeks I can’t figure out. I am trying to change the width of the sidebar and main posts together (making the posts wider, and the sidebar thinner). I would also like to change the background color of the sidebar widgets. Right now it’s set to gray. Is this in the style.css?


    • Marion sagt

      Hi Christopher,

      thanks for using Neni! :)

      First of all – try to use Firebug to inspect the CSS. It’s a great tool to find everything you need!

      To remove the colored bar at the top just delete

      #branding {
      border-top: 8px solid #EC5F00;

      and perhaps you have to delete line 160 in theme-options.php too.

      To change the width of the sidebar and main posts could be a little bit difficult, because Neni is responsive and you have to change a number of lines. You will find everything you need in style.css and in theme-options.php. Firebug will help you! 😉

      To change the background color of the sidebar widgets is quite easy, you will find all the styles in style.css. I’ve seen that you’ve found most of them, you still need to change the .tagcloud.


      • Thanks! I got it all working. I like the gray in the cloud, it works, just not with the categories.

        So one last little thing, is it possible to right justify the widgets? I found the float right, but I don’t think that’s correct.


        • Marion sagt

          Hi Christopher,

          great! :)

          Yes it is possible, but you have to look for all individual styles. Try to use Firebug to find them all. You’ll need aside.widget, aside.widget ul, .widget h3.widget-title, etc.


  10. TSMJ sagt

    Hi Marion,

    I got in touch with you some time ago about the menus and the top of the page being left-justified in later versions of Friefox. Would you be able to take a look please?



    • Marion sagt

      Hi TJ,

      which version do you mean exactly? Neni is responsive, if the browser window is smaller than 1200px the menu is left-justified, if it is larger the menu is right-justified.


  11. Hello,
    When you mention you can change the colors, does this entail the colors of the headlines and other border colors?

    • Marion sagt

      Hi Brad,
      everything that is „orange“ now is going to have the new color.

        • Marion sagt

          Hi Brad,
          sure. You may upload a logo, or you may manually edit it with php.

          • Petri sagt

            As I uploaded a header image I lost the text that was on the header. Is it possible to get the header image to work only as a header background?

  12. Hi, congrats for your responsive template. I´ve found a problem on it i coudn´t solve yet.
    When you resize from mobile portrait to mobile landscape, there is sthing wrong with the main menu’s links.
    The only thing i could do by now is to add a simple js script inside the header to refresh the page on resize event to solve it, but it should not be the way. regards… Mlo.

    • Marion sagt

      Hi Mlo,
      thank you!
      Is it possible to send me a screenshot/photography? Which mobile phone do you use?

  13. Hello,

    I would like to know where to insert the code get_avatar to show gravatar images in the articles. My avatar appears that I get a comment, but does not appear in the comment after confirmation.

    Thank you in advance for your answers …

  14. Peter Josvai sagt

    thank you for this brilliantly stylish theme !!:)

    actually i’vwe been browsing for themes for about a whole afternoon ..
    and i am so happy with NENI that i decided to find the creators and thank them .)

    to my pleasant surprise i bumped into a copuple of themes here, like Ilisa (the one i rembember) that during the searching my i was caught on .)))

    this is more than a coincidence .)

    you have something extra cool in the way you lopok and think .)))

    i’m proud to apply neni !! :)))

    thank you!


  15. Paul Boes sagt

    Hi Marion,

    thanks first of all for this very elegant theme. I like it a lot.

    Now I’m quite new to wp and would like to do the following:

    Using neni as my theme, I want to have different pages at the same hierarchy level to have different colors (and all child pages of these pages to then take the color of the parent page). While I’ve found a plug-in to do the part in brackets by using the parent page page.php-files, I am having problems to get the different colors for the pages.

    The obvious way seems to make create a child-theme for every parent page and then overwrite the color using either the stylesheet or functions.php.
    However, all my attempts to simply copy/paste color as HEX codes in the relevant spots failed.

    How can I get this running?

    Thanks a lot, Paul

  16. Paul Boes sagt

    Hi Marion,

    concerning my question above: If there is a way to specify a custom color in a custom page template, of course, that would make things much easier. Is there?

    Cheers, Paul

  17. Nathalil sagt

    Thank you for this beautiful theme.

    I am a little helpless right now, since I would need a comment line (like „Reply“ on this page), how could I do that?

    I’m trying to download some Comment Plugins, since I don’t know what to write in the code and in which page…

    Would be so nice if you could help me.

    Thank you

      • Nathalil sagt

        Thank you so much.
        I didn’t ask properly:

        It would be great if one could have line at the bottom of the Posting saying:
        Leave a comment, or saying how many comments have been alredy published.

        Now, I have to click on the title of the Posting, to see the comments, or to write one. This is something many don’t seem to understand.

        Best regards

  18. Nathalil sagt

    Thanks, I found a satisfying solution using this code in the content.php:

    Now, I’m trying to find why the Header don’t use Arial like the rest of the page.

  19. Steve Smart sagt

    Thanks for all your work on this elegant theme.

    I also had trouble getting the style.css in my child theme to be ‚seen‘.

    In the end I edited the file functions.php in the parent them so that
    wp_enqueue_style(‚main‘, get_template_directory_uri() . ‚/style.css‘);
    was replaced by
    wp_enqueue_style(‚main‘, get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‚/style.css‘);

    … I had to edit the parent functions.php – I did first try copying functions.php over to my child theme and making the mod, but this broke my site :-(

    I notice that get_template_directory_uri() is also used in some of the /includes/ but I didn’t need to change that.

    So, I got the child style.css to be picked up in the end, but it did require an edit in the parent theme to do it…


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